You are the best advocate of your own property

You have the most to gain when it sells for a great price

You will not lose any of your selling price in real estate commissions which could leave you more room to negotiate

You know your property more intimately than anyone else and you will discover that many buyers will enjoy talking to YOU about things only you know about your property

You will enjoy showing your property to prospective purchasers knowing for sure that it will be shown in its best light

You know why you purchased here in the first place, so what better angle to come from!

You remain in control – you get to choose when people visit and when you have Open Homes, if at all

You are the person who can make this process the most simple and comfortable for the buyer

You will receive unbiased feedback from the prospective purchasers

You will not be bullied into accepting a lower price than you want


As we will provide you with all the resources and tools you need to set the process up

We will help you implement the marketing plan

More and more people are realising they don’t need a real estate agent to achieve a successful sale; they can by-pass the middle man!

We know Private For Sale sellers are generally just wanting a fair price for their property with all the sale proceeds going into their pocket


You show your property and just follow the check list we provide

You will have our continued support throughout the marketing process

Don’t like negotiating?  Not sure how to handle offers?  Your lawyer can help with these.

(For the sale transaction you need to involve your lawyer anyway)

Sold privately, Napier, $403,000

Sold privately, Napier, $403,000

Sold Privately, Havelock North, $1,250,000

Sold Privately, Havelock North, $1,250,000

Sold Privately, $250,000

Sold Privately, $250,000

Sold Privately, Napier, $675,000

Sold Privately, Napier, $675,000